Winter 2020-2021

Experience winter in Ähtäri! Relax with your own family or spend an unforgettable holiday with friends. Ähtäri offers a wide variety of experiences from Nordic tour skating to skiing in alternating settings, and from fishing to peaceful hikes in the forest. Check out the options below and book your own adventure!


Valkeinen Reindeer Park

The price includes: Entrance to the Valkeinen Reindeer Park to feed, pet, and photograph our reindeer. You will hear stories about the reindeer living on the farm and about reindeer husbandry at this latitude. Duration 15-30 min or according to the situation. See also our other options.

Address: Valkeisentie 157, 63700 Ähtäri

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Ähtäri Zoo

Ähtäri Zoo is the oldest natural environment zoo in Finland.Today, the zoo is home to over 50 animal species, with bears as the park’s best-known attraction. Most of the animals are typically found in boreal forests in the wild. Since the beginning, Ähtäri Zoo has aimed to build spacious and natural living environments for the animals. This is why the park mostly hosts animals that are a found in boreal forests on the Northern Hemisphere. The 60-hectare area with its varying terrains and vegetation has provided a wonderful setting for realizing EAZA’s (the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) main principles of how animals should be treated in captivity. Furthermore, one of the most important goals for zoos is to help people learn more about animals and nature and to distribute educational information. Pandahouse, Zoo, Farm, Snowpanda Deli & Cafe and Zoo Shop.

Address: Karhunkierros 150, Ähtäri

Enquiries : 030 62150,

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The Ähtäri area has a ski network with around 150 kilometres of tracks, 80 kilometres of which are traditional cross-country tracks maintained with a Paana snow groomer. There are around six kilometres of illuminated ski tracks in the Mustikkavuori Sports Centre and five kilometres in the Ähtäri tourism area.

The tracks in Mustikkavuori are demanding in places, whereas the five-kilometre track in the Ähtäri tourism area is well-suited for the whole family. There is a lean-to shelter along the track both in Mustikkavuori and in the tourism area. There are also great ski routes little further away from Ähtäri, such as the illuminated one-kilometre track in Alastaipale.

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Hiking tracks and nature trails at Ähtäri tourism area

The beautiful esker and lake sceneries of Ähtäri are at their finest along our hiking tracks and nature trails. There are several different nature and exercise trails in the Ähtäri tourism area.

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Ice skating and Nordic tour skating

Ice skating areas: sports field in the city centre, Pellonpää area, Myllymäki area, and ice rinks at the residential areas of Hömmö and Riihimäki.

There are also tour skating areas ploughed on the icy lakes in the winter.


Snowshoeing is fun, easy, and good exercise! You can rent the necessary equipment at the reception.

10,00€/pair of shoes/4 hours

15,00€/pair of shoes/day

including the snowshoes, poles, and initial instructions.

Time: January–March, depending on the snow cover.

Address: Honkiniementie 150, 63700 Ähtäri

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A brand new 8-lane bowling alley was completed right next to Hotel Mesikämmen in the summer of 2019. The building has around 900 m² of floor space.


Open every day  12-22

Shoe rent 1,50€/