Nature trails

The lake and esker landscapes of Ähtäri offer great opportunities for spending time in nature.



The Arpainen outdoor and hiking trail consists of more than 50 kilometres of trails in total, ranging from the Ähtäri Zoo all the way to the centre of Soini municipality. The trail network includes, among others, three shorter routes: the 3.5 km Kalevin kiekka loop, the 4.3 km Arpaiskämppä wilderness hut to Saarilampi shelter route, and the 0.4 km Arpaiskämppä wilderness hut to Arpainen lake trail. The hub for the outdoor area is the Arpaiskämppä wilderness hut, which is suitable for overnight stays and includes a fireplace, a firewood shed, an outhouse, a sauna by the river, and a firepit. Sleeping in a tent is also permitted in the area. Arpaiskämppä is situated approximately 28 kilometres from both Ähtäri Zoo and the centre of Soini municipality.

The Arpainen trail, which runs from Hotel Mesikämmen in Ähtäri to the central sports field in Soini, passes a hut maintained by Metsähallitus. However, the Arpainen trail running from the Ähtäri tourism area to Soini is in need of a renovation and new guideposts at the Ähtäri end. Therefore, we kindly ask all hikers to use the trails around the Arpaiskämppä wilderness hut for the time being.

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matkailualueen kuntoilureitti


The Kierinniemi nature trail winds its way on a cape that extends into a beautiful lake, and the route is dotted with nature information boards telling visitors about the history of the forest. You can see an old, dead pine that is still standing tall and some moss-covered trenches. There are some elevation changes in the terrain. In some places, the path is rocky and covered in roots. The trail is a suitable day-trip destination for visitors of all ages. The trail is marked with signposts and red route markers.

Difficulty: medium

Length: 2,7 km

Starting point: Karhunkierros 229 (The starting point is located about 300 metres from the parking area of Ähtäri Zoo Camping, at the northern lakeside corner of the camping area).


The Nallenpolku trail is easy to walk, and it runs across a beautiful lake scenery in the Ähtäri tourism area. Most parts of the trail are illuminated, and there are three information boards along the trail introducing visitors to the local history. There are also rest areas and accommodation and summer café services available along the trail. The trail is suitable for visitors of all ages and especially for all those who appreciate an easy-to-walk route. The trail is marked with signposts and yellow paw markers.

Difficulty: easy

Lenght: 8.6 km round trip, 4.3 km in one direction from the Moksuniemi lean-to shelter to Roomuniemi.

Starting point 1: Hotel Mesikämmen, Karhunkierros 149

Starting point 2: Ähtäri Zoo Camping, Karhunkierros 229


The Niemisjoki hiking and fishing trail

The Niemisjoki hiking and fishing trail runs in a beautiful and alternating terrain a few kilometres from Ähtäri town centre. The trail winds its way along River Niemisjoki through a rich, diverse landscape. There is a rest area along the trail, equipped with a lean-to shelter, firepit and toilet.

Difficulty: medium

Length: 4.8 km from Ähtäri Zoo to the Ohrakoski lean-to shelter and around 1 km from the parking area to the Ohrakoski lean-to shelter.

Starting point 1: Ähtäri Zoo, Karhunkierros 150. The trail starts off on pedestrian ways and village roads and moves on to paths after three kilometres.

Starting point 2: Parking area at the end of a forest road (coordinates N 62.554071, E 24.215588). Drive along the Niemisvedentie road for 1.3 kilometres and then follow the instructions and turn right onto a gravel road. You will find a parking area and signs leading to the hiking trail at the end of the road.


There is a rest area along the trail. The trail is suitable for visitors of all ages and especially for all those who appreciate an easy-to-walk route. The trail is marked with signposts.

Difficulty: easy

Lenght: Pikkukarhu 1,3 km, Isokarhu 5 km

Starting point: Hotel Mesikämmenen Parking area (about. 100m south-east), Karhunkierros 149

Tuomarniemi arboretum

Tuomarniemi arboretum is located on the grounds of the forestry school of the Sedu vocational centre in Ähtäri, and the arboretum runs deep in the lakeside forests near Lake Hankavesi. The arboretum includes 80 different tree and shrub species, all marked with information boards, and a lean-to shelter at the visitors’ disposal. The trail is fully accessible and perfectly suited for visitors of all ages.

Difficulty: easy

Lenght: 1 km

Starting point: Tuomarniementie 55